Nathan Reed Metcalf

Nathan Metcalf: Parent. Researcher. Writer. Investigator. Experienced in interviewing, data collection and qualitative analysis. Educated in the fields of Sociology (social movements) and Religious Studies (Theravada Buddhism).

Hobbies include Weird Fiction, Cosmic Horror, RPG’s, Visual Art (appreciation), Music, and Technology

  • Research Interests
    Current Areas of Reading and Interest: SOCIAL MOVEMENTS: Organizing Through Social Media, Strategies employed by Dangerous Actors, Combatting Disinformation PHILOSOPHY OF MIND: see The Mind-Brain Problem, Cognitive Extension, Advances andContinue reading “Research Interests”


Published Photography and Research Credit

SAMUELS, J. (2010). Acknowledgments. In Attracting the Heart: Social Relations and the Aesthetics of Emotion in Sri Lankan Monastic Culture (pp. Xi-Xiv). University of Hawai’i Press. Retrieved June 9, 2021, from

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Nathan R Metcalf